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Trendy Ergonomics and Maximum Productivity

Do you work from home, an office, a plane, a hotel, or a coffee shop? No matter where you park yourself to channel work energy and productivity, ergonomics plays a significant role in comfort, posture, and overall physical well-being. 

Ergonomics is the study of peoples’ efficiency in their working environment. Finding well-designed furniture and ergonomic tools that enhance psychological and physiological productivity means the difference between being an ordinary or an extraordinary producer!


WAVE5 can transform any chair into an ergonomically-friendly tool, energizing and maximizing your time at the computer or on conference calls. Like having a full-time personal trainer, WAVE5 and the Compass app travel with you as your professional self-care buddies.


The Sitting Problem

Are you a SITTER? Do you spend hours at your desk?

If so, your body is paying the price! Sitting for long hours is dangerous. Lower back, sciatica, upper and middle back pain usually starts in the hips and legs. While sitting, your muscles shut off. Gravity takes over. Tension and soreness build up. And your productivity drops.

Don’t worry…you’re not alone! 

WAVE5 Helps Counteract the Negative Effects of Sitting in Virtually Every Way

Each has a geometrically flawless design that mimics a high-end physical therapist’s hands. It can withstand over 1200 pounds of pressure, making it virtually indestructible. WAVE5 is a total body transformation system.

There’s a reason why countless professionals are using WAVE5 to reverse the negative effects of sitting, reclaim their movement freedom, and enjoy their bodies again. Benefits of WAVE5 in the workplace.

  • It reduces the tension that accumulates from sitting
  • It unlocks tissues, helping you move freely again
  • It brings fluid and hydration to your muscles
  • It can be used as a tool for “active sitting” (good for you)
  • And it can be a source of movement throughout your day

And once you hold the WAVE5 in your hand and feel its ability to immediately release tense, stiff, locked-up, or otherwise immobile areas of your body—you’ll never leave home without it.



Target the Hamstrings & Relieve Your Back Pain

  1. Place the two Tidal domes on your chair where your hamstrings meet your sit bones.
  2. Sandwich the domes between the seat of your chair and your body.
  3. Sit evenly on the domes.
  4. Adjust according to comfort.
  5. Allow your muscle tissue to absurd the pressure.
  6. Be aware of your body’s reaction and breathe into the experience.
  7. Feel your abs tighten, and your spine elongate, decompressing unhealthy pressure.
  8. Let the magic of WAVE5 work…

As you focus on engaged productivity, the WAVE5 hydrates your muscles from the inside-out. The myofascial release technique loosens knots, relieves tension, and opens congested pathways for fluid to flow freely. With continuous practice and increased comfort, you can adjust the tool’s position to target hips, IT bands, and spine. One simple technique sends you on your way to better posture, enhanced muscle flexibility, and optimal performance.

Ride the WAVE5 into ergonomics paradise!

Sit Up Straight & Never Be Late

Do you kick back your chair? Check your clock? Wish the workday was over? Not only is poor posture draining your energy–it’s harming your body!

Our second sitting technique targets posture, spinal alignment, and muscle stimulation—all essential factors, either enhancing or reducing workflow performance. 



  1. Sit in your chair.
  2. Place the domes below and inside your shoulder blades, resting on your lats.
  3. Allow the domes to act as your backrest.
  4. Experience the bodyweight, “feel good” pressure sink into your lat muscles, pulling your traps down and propping up your neck.

Proper spinal posture engages your core and creates a balance between the front and back of your body. This self-induced alignment resets the hunched over, droopy posture we take when reaching for the keys for an extended period of time. Feel free to move, roll your lats on the tool, and pulse in areas where you feel the tension. These subtle movements alleviate back and neck pain, promote muscular stability, and reduce unwanted pressure on your traps, lats, and rhomboids.

With the WAVE5 System, you’ll be able to reverse the dangerous effects of sitting and feel your best, every single day.

The Secret to Corporate Wellness & Healthy Employees

Workplace ergonomics are trending, driving a billion-dollar industry. As corporations seek to maximize potential and workflow, employers dedicate astronomical resources to enhance team performance. Professionals sit, stand, and commute for 40% of their day, taxing the body in more ways than most people know. Reduced circulation. Mental fatigue. Muscular imbalance. Joint pressure.

In an attempt to combat these challenges costing business hours of time and money, WAVE5 in the workplace (whether at home, office, plane, or coffee shop) and provides a compact, affordable, and revolutionary solution. 


The Benefits of WAVE5 in the Workplace

Save money on employees missing work for muscle pain that keeps them in bed.

Promotes optimal posture for increased blood flow and muscle hydration, fueling energy and performance.

Affordable for employers to purchase multiple units.

Happy, pain-free employees equals increased productivity.

The RIPPLE EFFECT starts here…

If you’re looking for self-care solutions to prevent, treat, or enhance muscle stimulation, muscle recovery, or muscle maintenance, then WAVE5 has the answer. So, treat yourself and take care of your employees and watch the bottom line figure multiply.

At IQBody, we believe better performance, increased productivity, and optimal health starts with one tool–WAVE5.


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