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WAVE5 Is the wHOLE in One Tool for Performance Enhancement & Recovery for Golfers

Target Deep Tissue Pain and Find Quick Relief

Increase your club head speed

The key to a lifetime on the course

  • UNLOCK and FIRE your hips for more power
  • DRIVE the ball farther with greater core mobility and strength
  • INCREASE your club head speed with full body integration
  • DISCOVER a new sense of balance & confidence in your game

Five myofascial tools engineered for precision, efficiency, and the results you want every time on the course.

WAVE5 is the one & only tool needed for performance enhancement & simple recovery for golfers

Expert-taught EASY to follow muscle recovery from head to toe targeting muscle and joint aches and pains on or off the course.

  • FIND more power in your glutes and stability in your legs to add yardage off the tee
  • HIT your irons pure by increasing the strength of your lower back and core
  • FEEL a smooth, relaxed swing as your feet drive into the ground

Swing your best swing TODAY!


Open stiff feet for more stability, balance, and endurance during each round.


Release tight hips and expand your range of motion (ROM) and channel your energy transfer throughout your swing.


Free glute tightness for increased swing power and stability.

Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain

Play 18 with no back pain & no foot pain!


$139.99 $129.99

For a limited time

Add yards to your drive without ever hitting the gym with the latest in muscle recovery

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Wave5 in action




Certified Trainer


WAVE5 is harder than muscle and softer than bone. We designed WAVE5 to be robust; it won’t tear or lose its shape with increased pressure. Durability allows for immediate user feedback and precision because you can feel the tool working into the tissue.

WAVE5 is comprised of 5 distinct tools:


Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain


Our mobility ball enables you to quickly access multiple layers of thick, dense tissue. 




Inside the mobility ball is our large roller that can also be used as a muscle stick (insert a towel/dowel through the hollow center). Its size and shape make it one of the most versatile rollers on the market. Stream is the height of a lacrosse ball with the stability of a roller.



Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain
Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain


Open the mobility ball and you have two stability domes, which allow you to target muscles on both sides of the body at the same time. They can sit flat against the floor for greatest user confidence; and you can stand on them.






Our small roller, found inside of Stream, is the perfect combination of a firm, yet delicate touch for your feet and other flat tissue. It’s the height of a golf ball. 



Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain
Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain

Drip & Drop

At either end of Ripple are twin end caps that provide precision in reaching small areas of tissue. No tissue is off limits with these explorers. This tool fits into the smallest of bags so it’s always on hand. 



Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain

Download our training app for your on-demand muscle therapist

Experience Muscle Relief, Recovery + Hydration

Not Your Average Foam Roller

WAVE5 reaches places foam rollers can’t. Why?  Because of the size of our tools and the treads on each tool

WAVE5 offers precision and simultaneously offers options for dense tissue and large surface areas

WAVE5 is robust and doesn’t lose shape, whereas high density foam rollers fall apart

We offer extensive video instruction in an organized video library

WAVE5 is easy to clean whereas foam rollers are tough to clean because they are porous

WAVE5 fits in the palm of your hand & is easy to carry

Wave5 | Best Exercises for Golf | Fix Your Golf Swing Pain


For a limited time

$139.99 $129.99

Our system makes it easy to take all of your muscle care needs with you.
No experience needed.

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Swing Power from the Ground Up

Bubba Watson may have said it best: “Everybody can see that my swing is homegrown. That means that everybody has a chance to do it.” Finding or improving your golf swing doesn’t happen overnight. Many spend years cultivating their “perfect” swing. Muscle stress, past injuries, and pain inhibit the evolution of your swing and detract from your love of the game. Mobility plays a critical role in this evolution. The more mobile your body, the more fluid your swing. The more fluid your swing, the more effortless power you can achieve. To catapult your swing journey, build your golf swing from the ground up.

Swing to the Next Level

Starting with your feet and their connection to the ground is paramount in building your golf swing. Your feet are your stabilizers. They provide the foundation of your balance. Happy feet mean better stability, balance, and effortless power. How do you get “happy” golf feet?

Self-applied pressure is the key to opening the power of your feet. Self-applied pressure, commonly referred to as myofascial release, is a safe, effective, hands-on technique that applies gentle pressure to the connective tissues of the body to reduce pain and restore motion. By applying gradual, sustained pressure throughout the tissue of your feet, you pull fluids into the arch and through the toes. This fluid consists of water, minerals, nutrients, and acts as a lubricant. This allows your toes to move more freely and increases the performance of your foot. Bringing new fluids into your feet brings new “life” and greater connectively to the rest of your body. Being able to spread your toes (even in a shoe), provides your body with the support it needs from your feet.

Having better support from the ground up means potential for:

  • More power in your golf swing,
  • Greater endurance on the course, and
  • A pain-free round.

Target your feet one foot at a time. Total time needed for increased stability and balance is around three minutes (90 seconds per foot).  Check out the images below for a shortcut to working your feet. For a more complete approach, check out the WAVE5 app, WAVE5: Compass in the App Store and Google Play store.


  • Highly recommend!

    The WAVE5 has been a game changing tool with my soft tissue release and mobility work. After just a few weeks of use I noticed a significant difference in my hip and low back mobility and pain. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 6 years now and have recommended countless tools to my clients. Yet nothing has provided the same results as the WAVE5. With the guided videos and a proven system it’s guaranteed to be effective. Whether your goals are to improve mobility, relieve pain, or maximize strength gains, the WAVE5 is a system that will help get you there. Highly recommend!

    Highly recommend!
    Brandon Lind
  • Very cool tool

    I’ve been a Professional Trainer / Group Fitness instructor for over 23 years, I’ve suffered a lot over soft tissue injuries from over use and Aging.

    The WAVE5 Hydration system, puts my 61 year old body back to performing my Training routine without drugs or lengthy down time. It Fits in my Gym Bag, relief is ready to go. The App provides easy instruction with a timer, it’s a very cool tool indeed.

    Very cool tool
    Les Mebane
  • Everything I hoped for and more

    I couldn’t wait to get my hands in my WAVE5, and it’s everything I was hoping for and more. It’s so versatile and easy to take anywhere I go. I use it at the gym and home and find it’s the best tool I’ve used so far to get deep into my aches and pains. I even take it with me to Spartan Races. I’ve used other tools in the past and the foam was not nearly as firm and the core of those products doesn’t compare to the stability you get from the WAVE5. I also love the videos. I never wonder if I’m doing the movements correctly between the audio and visual instruction. That’s also confirmed by all the relief I feel after using the tool. I am so happy I have this muscle hydrating and pain reducing assistant. I would recommend it to anyone young or old, active or wanting to be more active.

    Everything I hoped for and more
    Erin Donovan
  • It really is all the tools in one

    I am a physical therapist and  have been using the WAVE5 ball for about a month now.  What I like most about it is its versatility. It really is all the tools in one.  I’ve been using it mostly on my plantar fascia, by breaking it in half, and standing on it.  This allows me to treat both sides.  The ridges allow for a lot of shear to be placed on the fascia which breaks up the adhesions and restore normal motion to the tissue.

    The WAVE5 allows you to get deeper into the tissue and make real change that can verified through test and retest. I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about their performance, or anyone that is interested in self care to improve their overall function.

    Clint Russell
  • The tools are one of a kind

    I love the WAVE5 program. First of all the tools are one of a kind. The various options give me greater control over my recovery technique for higher effectiveness. The phone application is easy to navigate making it simple to find the videos that are relevant to me. The videos are an ease to follow along with giving great visual and verbal direction to the recovery techniques.

    The very FIRST time I hopped on I was easily able to follow along with the videos, the verbal direction, and the timing pulse for a great recovery in my lower back and shoulders. I love that there are options present to fit my schedule whether I am restricted to just a few minutes or have a lot of time to invest. I would highly recommend WAVE5. Recovery is just as important as exercise itself and if you’re going to do it it should be done right, with focus and intention. WAVE5 will provide that for you!

    The tools are one of a kind
    Derrick Yamada
    Troy CrossFit Owner

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