Muscle Therapist | Ryan Spratt | IQBODY Founder

Meet Ryan

Ryan is the Chief Innovation Officer of IQBody and the inspiration behind the WAVE5 muscle hydration system.  Ryan moved to southern California in 2015 from Chicago to cultivate his theory of how the combination of pressure and movement enhances athletic performance and longevity. 

After Ryan earned his degree at Soma Institute in 2010, he joined the team at David Barton Gym as a personal trainer.  While at David Barton, Ryan studied under top fitness experts to further develop his understanding of sport-specific and endurance training and adaptable client programming.  Ryan concluded that fitness alone was not enough to serve his clients.  In pursuit of additional tools, he began to study the value pressure has on the human body as a muscle therapist at Delos Wellness.  

As a muscle therapist and personal trainer, Ryan helped his clients experience relief from pain while building confidence on a custom-built path to reach their fitness goals.  His desire to see his clients progress beyond their sessions inspired him to create a portable muscle-care system and a “how to” library to target muscles and joints.  He wanted them to have on-demand care—no appointment necessary.

Ryan partnered with Nicole, CEO of IQBody, in 2017.  They spent more than two years refining the WAVE5 tool design and crafting a comprehensive approach to targeting the entire body.  The object was to take the guesswork out of self-care and make the system accessible to everyone.

If he’s not behind his computer or sketching new ideas, you can find Ryan at the gym, around the golf course or at the dog beach with his husky, Titan.