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NO Brainer!

As someone who trains 6+ times a week, I was looking for a mobility tool that could be used on my entire body. The versatility of this tool and ability to get into small spaces, can not be matched and believe me I have used a multitude of devices from massage guns to lax balls. The ability to pair the WAVE5 3:1 tool with the app really helps remove the guesswork out of recovery therapy. Overall I can’t say enough about this tool and would recommend it to anyone.


Best Mobility Tool On The Market

WAVE5 has been a game changer with my soft tissue release and mobility. The muscle hydration system paired with the diversity of the tool and the utility of the app makes for the perfect storm! I’m able to use the tool anywhere, anytime, as the app guides every bit of the way. I’ve been a fitness professional for the last 5+ years and have used several soft tissue release techniques and mobility tools with my clients. The WAVE5 is the first tool that will truly allow my clients to achieve results thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the system. I HIGHLY recommend making the WAVE5 a part of your mobility and recovery routine!


Effective tool

I have used the Wave5 tools to assist with my physical therapy treatment in between sessions and attribute it to my relatively quick recovery. I use the tool for sore feet after long days or after long flights. it has also proven really effective to address tight forearms. I absolutely love it!! such a great investment!


My favorite multi use tool

Started using this after a friend brought one to the gym. I was amazed at how easily it could adjust my back. I have 3 spinal HERNIATIONS, so constant adjustment is a must. When i split the sphere in half, it makes this perfEct area for my shoulders to lay on, instantly adjusting my mid spine back into alignment. Worth its weight in goLd for that pupose alone! Plus i can fly with it. So cool.

James Micheal

Fantastic tool for muscle relief / tight back

the wave5 tool has been a game-changer in recovering from workouts and volleyball. Was able to loosen my hamstrings and lower back in a sustainable way that just hasn’t been possible with massage guns and Foam rollers.

I now use this every day, typically at night to recover from the day.

Wesley K. – Athlete

WAVE5 is a necessity!

For anyone that values moving EFFICIENTLY and pain free, the Wave5 is a must have. The shapes of the tools themselves allow you to reach and effectively release spots that a foam roller and lacrosse ball just cannot. On top of that, the mobile app takes all the guess work out of self massage. Just tap on an area or muscle and the app does all the thinking for you, its beautiful! 10/10 would recommend!

Sam Guttosch


That’s right I said it— HOLY SH*T.

I travel a LOT for work, and workout wherever I can. I have a LOT of past injuries that have come to haunt me as I’ve gotten older and was in search of something MORE.

When people see me use WAVE5 they try to compare it to what a “foam roller” provides— personally, I’ve never thought of a FOAM ROLLER as a muscle recovery “tool”. Your target areas are limited, and it just doesn’t HIT hard enough in the places you need it to. It’s always been a false promise in my world; or as ignorant as it sounds, something you use on “Leg Day.”

When I began to use WAVE5, more than ANYTHING I was blown away by how INSTANTLY my pain dissipated. I’m not THAT patient of a person, anything that instantly gratifies, I’m IN.

The multiple pieces can be confusing for someone like me who doesn’t like to take the time to LEARN something…

There’s a FREAKIN’ APP to GUIDE YOU. You literally just POINT TO WHERE IT HURTS like a child at the school nurse’s office. It’s SO EASY. It REMEMBERS where you’ve left off, takes you to the next guided area… and it’s NOT TIME CONSUMING!

Aside from looking like a futuristic badass strolling through TSA— if a product (let’s not forget, a MUSCLE RECOVERY product) can get someone like ME (impatient, attention span of a ferret, “walk it off” pain management attitude) to PACK, take along for the ride, stop and SELF HEAL…

This is a big deal.

Throw all of your other stuff away, you literally do not need them anymore.

THANK YOU WAVE5 for showing me that self care isn’t a time consuming, frustrating pain in the butt— (unless you’re using TIDAL on those GLUTES).

…and I’ve even caught my husband using it! (He’s worse than I am!)

Christa Rowe

Changed my life

Thank you wave5 for making a tool to get into all the little spots that I couldn’t reach before! This versatile tool is a wonder to help with IT band pain, stabilization of my hips and digging into the bottoms of my feet! As a runner & someone who sits at a desk 8 hours a day, this has been a huge help! Thank you!


Helping Me Stay Loose!

This tool has done amazing things for tightness in my lower back. I’ve become incredibly more mobile with this tool and look forward to continue using it!

Max Stone

Has it all

As an elite masters runner and triathlete with 26 years of competitive racing experience – proper recovery is a must! The wave5 has replaced the many separate tools i often use such as rollers, bands or balls which awere designed to address specific muscle groups independently. The wave5 is now my only go-to post workout recovery tool. with a full time career and hours of training, time is limited. the wave5 is the perfect design from the size to the functional aspects – it’s easy to travel with. this one tool will address any muscle imbalance immediately. it’s a must have for any athlete!


Game changer

I was introduced to this tool to help reHab my shoulder after a Bad and awkward fAll from snow boarDing. I had a hard time lifting my arm up, around, and over my head. I thought i had dislocated my shoulder. Any movements i made my shoulder woulD pop. After using it everyday for about 3 weeks, the popping stOpped and I was able To moVe my arm around with far less pain before i started using the tool. Three months later, it has become a part of my everyday routine before beginning my workouts. Ive always loved using the foam rollers but this tool is a game changer.


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DISCLAIMER: WAVE5® and WAVE5®: Compass are intended for recreational use only and have not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Customers should consult their doctors and other licensed medical practitioners before starting a self-care regimen to meet their fitness goals. 

ATTENTION: WAVE5 contains magnets.