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Luba Vitti


I was so excited when my friend introduced me to WAVE 5 Muscle Hydration System. I was blown away by how much tension I was able to release, especially in my shoulders, neck and lower back. And the reflexology tool that is inside the ball (I keep it at my desk at all times) I use for my jaw, scalp, neck, hands… I had no idea my scalp had so much tension till I started digging. Wow!

It’s like having a trainer/bodyworker with you who can release anything and just help you feel loose and relaxed and yummy in your body again. Must have for everyone who has an active lifestyle or has any kind of tension in the body. Highly recommend!

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Fix Lower Back Pain | Back Pain Relief | WAVE5 by IQBODY

Ben Greenfield

Author, speaker

As an athlete, I push my body as hard as anyone… and I’ve managed to stay relatively injury-free because of the high value I place on mobility and recovery. 

If you’re the type who takes your body to the edge of its limits and are looking to ensure you can keep going the next day—I highly recommend trying the WAVE5 from my friends over at IQBody.

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Ben Greenfield Fitness

Miska Sykora

Model, Athlete, Commercial Actor

Train hard, recover harder.

We hold so much tension and emotions in our bodies, typically it’s the traps and hip flexors that take the dumping. Now add 6-7x/ week workouts to the mix and you’re asking for daily soreness and tension. I’ve been stretching almost everyday and yet, still found my hips, traps, upper back, and shins were hella tight.

I started using the Wave5 tool from IQBody and, no exaggeration, WOW. the deep ridges allow me to really penetrate into the soft tissue which, in turn, hydrates my muscles. another bonus is applying my own body weight allows me to gauge my own pressure.

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Jeremy Walton


I use my Wave5 daily. At 40+ I know my body’s ability to perform consistently is dependent on my recovery process. This tool has the versatility to work on my body from my neck down to my feet and even helps with my postural alignment when sitting at my desk.

The app provides me with the visual and audio guidance to work on whatever aspects of my body need the most attention on any given day. I recommend this for running, lifting, even if you had a rough night sleep. It’s truly the best recovery tool I’ve had the pleasure to use and will continue to do so.