About us

IQBody is dedicated to keeping you active. We design products to complement your lifestyle and empower your journey through efficient, accessible and affordable self-care. 

Our goal is to provide the tools and education to help restore balance in your body so you can live your best life.

We created WAVE5 to serve two distinct purposes.

First, we consolidated the army of recovery devices into one easy to carry system. Second, we wanted to give consumers the “tools” a muscle and movement therapist uses on clients during a therapy session. Portability and comprehensiveness were key factors in the design of the system.  Traveling to the office, golf course, or on a plane with a mobility, lacrosse and golf ball, a runner’s stick, two halves of a softball, multiple sized and textured foam rollers plus trigger point tools was impossible. The goal was to combine all of these devices into a single nesting tool that could travel with everything you needed anytime, anywhere.

The evolution of WAVE5 began with a sphere a little larger than a softball that split into two equal-sized domes. The size of the sphere needed to be large enough to maximize gravity and minimize user effort, yet small enough to remain ergonomically friendly for full body use.

The twin domes were designed for ultimate stability. You can stand, sit, or lay on them, and they become part of the foundation supporting you. They are the same height as most half foam rollers and unlike a roller, don’t slip and slide underneath your weight. They are ideal for passive pressure, bolstering, and stretching in the cervical (neck), lumbar (lower back), and hip regions of the body.

The domes are the most accessible tools in the system for a person with mobility restrictions or those more sensitive to pressure. Why? Because very little intensity is needed to garner the benefits while performing (a) trigger point therapy, (b) passive shortening,(c) pin-and stretch, (d) traction, (e) muscle shearing, and (f) pulsing.

muscle roller stick

Understanding the value of a foam roller, lacrosse ball, and muscle stick, made the large roller the next step. Its height offers familiarly because it’s a roller the height of a lacrosse ball, but offers increased stability because of its length and shape. Unlike other rollers, our larger roller keeps you closer to the ground and allows you to target very specific points. The proximity between you, the tool, and the floor makes this roller a “get to the point” energy saver.

The hollow center in our larger roller is critical. It serves two purposes.  First, it provides a space for a towel or wooden dowel so it can double as a muscle stick. Second, it houses the next tool in the WAVE5 system. 

The small roller is the height of a golf ball—a favorite of many recovery junkies. However, unlike a golf ball, our small roller is easy to step on as it’s longer and more stable than a golf ball.  This means it won’t slip out from underneath you while applying pressure. Moreover, the length of this roller offers numerous pressure options and serves as an ergonomically friendly handle for the final two trigger point tools. 

muscle roller stick
muscle roller

The last tools in our system are our precision tools (trigger point tools at their core). They allow you to quickly locate and identify tender spots in your muscles. They can get “down and dirty” with the worst knots efficiently. 

Providing users a muscle therapist’s “tools” directly impacted the design of WAVE5. We based the treads on each tool on Ryan’s use of different parts of his elbow, forearm, palm, and knuckles. Each tool mimics a body part used to apply pressure as if you were on a muscle therapist’s table. The overall goal was to easily target hard-to-reach spots and get relief from head to toe. 

The height of each tread on the sphere needed to be substantial enough to penetrate connective tissue instead of smashing it. The spacing between each of the shapes was specifically positioned to maximize the surface area of penetration for slow, deep, muscle work. 

Although the domes have the same pattern as the sphere, gripping the tissue was our highest priority.  We intended these tools to be predominantly used for traction, pin-and-stretch, and muscle shearing techniques. To achieve this versatility, all angles of the tool needed to be accessible to the user. This tread design allows a person to explore any pressure level with a slight shift in bodyweight or position.

The tread design of the large roller was simple: get in between the layers of tissue and let the user feel exactly what they were experiencing. The tread arrangement along the edges are designed to steady your movements as you travel while the center rails are constructed to mirror the bones of my forearm to aggressively target the muscle.  Muscle tissue is three-dimensional and to get the greatest results needs to be targeted as such. This tread pattern allows you the freedom to safely target tissue without the fear of falling off.

Like the other tools, the small roller’s tread design has three functions. First, It is constructed to move fluidly and dig into and withstand the thick dense tissue of your feet. Second, the rails are spaced so each one delivers its own unique experience for your foot without the user losing their balance. Third, the rails provide an ergonomically friendly handle when using the two end cap tools.

The two end caps needed to be the tallest of all of the treads due to the variety of pressure intensities they would be used for.  The pyramid looking one is shaped after one of my knuckles and is the more aggressive of the two. On the opposite end, you’ll find the hexagon shaped tread which mirrors my elbow.

Made of a thermoplastic elastomer, WAVE5 is not a foam device. Our system won’t collapse under your pressure:  it’s harder than muscle but softer than bone.

The system balances the firm with the delicate and intense with the subtle. There are no off-limit or unreachable areas with WAVE5.